• Book of many reusable techniques, 

    all discovered thru practice!

    “Agile & Lean practices must be understood

    as though the practitioner himself had discovered them from his own mind.
    Learn about all of them, but never become fond of any.”

    -- Yogurt (with Musashi)

    YOGURT for Agile & Lean Workplace Culture
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  • A Primer

    on Agile Mindset

    Set of Techniques

    for the Foundation

    COMPASS for

    Continuous Delivery

    Experiential Learnings: 

    Practical Storyline in Action

  • What's inside?

    This book contains 4 (four) chapters with subsections related to Toolbox, Compass, Storyline, and Experiential.
    While each chapter can be read as a self-contained notebook, still they are all interconnected.


    My purpose is to make you aware of the many facets of Agile & Lean practices. With that attitude you may analyse any situation, and decide on the best procedures to adapt and apply accordingly. What I hope to do is help you think about workplace culture with more practical and natural ways.

    Please read with patience and remember to share your feedback.



    #1: A Primer on Agile Mindset

    Although it’s necessary to learn about the existing methods, particularly from the experience of others, we should always strive to discover new ways, but only thru practice. A skilled practitioner shouldn’t have likes or dislikes towards any methodology, for there’s always something to learn specifically from their application. We should maintain an agnostic style, and use whatever is applicable when deemed necessary...

    #2: Set of Techniques for the Foundation

    In this chapter, I’ll share a set of techniques which has been discovered thru practice, and are delightfully inspired by the mother nature. I have used these techniques many times at different workplaces, and have observed both fail and succeed. I have adapted and expanded them, and keeping alive as a part of my beloved toolbox.


    Fibonacci Pairing, Slicing & Timeboxing, Forming Teams as organisms, Retrospectives, ...

    #3: COMPASS for Continuous Delivery

    Speed has no value, unless it is continuous. Progression won’t suffice, unless it contains coherence. Compass is an enabler framework with a mission for establishing directional continuity. Compass acts like a container, a reliable reference point, a common framework, and is practically manifested as an invisible wrapper, whereby you can nurture collaborative team culture, introduce kaizen thinking, lean/agile practices, and improve the productivity.


    It’s used not to eliminate but to domesticate uncertainty, and gains from it as necessary...

    #4: Experiential Learnings, 

    a Practical Storyline in Action

    Agile and Lean practices should be perceived in a broader sense, without locking into a methodology, prescription or rigid rules. A better approach is to regard it as a mindset, and a culture we should strive to nurture. This attitude requires continuous improvement, and everlasting focus on experiments, validation, adaptation, and practice, practice, practice.


    Most journeys demonstrates a living embodiment of a fragmented storyline, and evolves into a more coherent form by time and continuous practice. 

    When I observe a storyline like this, it can be visualised thru three main stages; Observation, Association, and Journey formation.



    About the Author

    YILMAZ GULERYUZ is an adventurer from Antioch/Turkey, living in Oslo/Norway.
    "YOGURT for Agile & Lean Workplace Culture" is his second book, composed of hands-on experiences and practical techniques.


    With 15+ years of hands-on experience in diverse range of businesses and activities; Adapting, extending, and enriching Agile practices by nurturing Yogurt culture, constituting Lean techniques into workplaces.

    While being an author of books, crafting and sharing to evangelise better workplace culture. Living and working with an entrepreneurial lifestyle. 


    Living, working, and breathing with entrepreneurial lifestyle...


    His playgrounds are @guleryuz and BeerStorm